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How to Make a Custom Portrait Embroidery Pattern from a Picture


img20210108_14262488.jpg (23 downloads )

For this video playlist, I created a series of short videos to show you how you can make a custom portrait embroidery
pattern from a picture. The videos are short and separated into three parts.

We discussed the materials you can use, substitute items if you have no painter’s tape or tracing paper, setting up
your laptop, tracing the image, and tracing your pattern to your cloth. I made sure not to speed up the video so you
all can see the process.

I made the pattern I made available for download so you can use it. To personalize it, change the hair and clothing color. This is free for personal use only.

I hope this method will help you create your custom pattern.

You can watch our video playlist here:

Part One

Part Two

Part three:

If you have any questions on how to make your own portrait embroidery pattern, please let me know! I’d try my best to help!