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DIY Pet Cat Embroidery Pattern using a Picture and Laptop


cat.png (27 downloads )

For this video playlist, I created a series of short videos to show how to easily create a pet cat embroidery pattern. For the purpose of this tutorial, we used a 4″ hoop size, however, we do suggest that you use a bigger hoop size should you want more details.

Watch our other tutorial to get more details about the materials. For this example, we used a cat with a complicated pattern to give you an idea how to do it. For part 3, we used a different clip to show how to transfer the pattern to your fabric

The pattern I created can be downloaded above in case you need it or wants to see it. It’s free for personal use.
I hope you have a great time making your own pet portrait cat version!

You can watch our video playlist here:

Part One

Part Two

Part three:

If you have any questions on how to make your own portrait embroidery pattern, please let me know! I’d try my best to help!